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Welcome to the on-line enrolment Wizard for

The Wizard guides you through the steps in making an online application to get set-up with S-Pay.
To use the Wizard, you need to have at hand:
  • Details about your business, including its ABN
  • Details about you, the Contact person
  • The Bank account details you'd like to use.
There are three stages to becoming a S-Pay Employer:
  1. You enrol on-line using our simple Wizard
  2. Print the Pre-populated Application forms and send them to S-Pay
  3. We set you up in S-Pay and contact you with your logon details.
To register on-line:
  • You need a valid email address to receive an email from us. This allows you to complete the on-line process.
  • You also need a mobile phone number which can receive an SMS (text) message. We'll send you a security code to use when you’re completing the on-line process.
To start, click the Enrol in S-Pay button below. Our Wizard will capture the details we need.
SuperChoice is SuperStream Ready!

The SuperStream data standards have been introduced by the government to help make the superannuation system more efficient.
  • SuperChoice is a fully compliant SuperStream solution and you can continue to use SuperChoice just as you do now - we will take care of sending your information in SuperStream format to the super funds that your employees contribute to.
  • SuperStream may require you to provide more information on your employees than you do now. You may notice some changes in SuperChoice screens to allow this information to be captured.
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